God friggin’ sake. Can the judeo-christian and Islam religions STOP. Just STOP thinking you’re the only ones in the world. Why is it that aboriginal American tribes/societies religions ARE A-OKAY with Space and the world being super old?

Hindu’s and Buddhists all believe in Era spanning cycles. Into the billions of years. And they believe in a grand power. Why is it only Christians/Mormon/whatever are the only ones with their panties in a bunch? Other religions seem fine with the idea of the Earth being old, Aliens and other stuff.

And dont even get me started with Meso-American religions, African and East Asian.

I mean, you guys are looking like old grumps to OTHER religions!

Edit: also, fun fact to any Bible thumpers. in the original Hebrew text of The Torah, (you know The Old Testament - in its original language that predates modern English like thousands of years), the word for “Day” in the whole God created the Earth in 7 days.

Well the word Day was actually closer to the English word “Era” or “Eon”. Which is a lot longer than 24 hours. So its closer to say that it took God EONS to make the Earth. Stop acting like God has to play by “our rules”.

Nick’s Smoothie 01

I’m fortunate enough to have a Vita Mix brand blender, well I’m borrowing it from my parents. It is probably the best thing for eating healthy, or making it a habit. Do you NEED it? No. But if you can save up for one, it is worth its weight in gold. Well maybe not, its pretty heavy.

So instead of juicing and drinking that, I’ve been making whole food, raw, vegan smoothies. What I mean by “whole” is, you do not lose anything of the food. Mainly the fiber, the Vita Mix is literally chewing the greens and fruit for you. I’ve noticed since stopping juicing (which is fine for some applications) that I don’t get hungry as fast as I used to. I can drink one Vita Mix worth of smoothie and it’ll last me the whole day.

Yes, two mason jars of smoothie can keep a 6’ foot, 250++ (and counting down :) )pound male FULL for a whole, normal day. If you exercise or do heavy labor for a living you may need more, but just munch on nuts, fruits or seeds. Maybe a light salad. I don’t really think you need to stop “eating” food, cause, frankly its fun. Just drinking smoothies is getting creepily close to The Jetson’s meal pills.

So after many weeks, and more to come, I’ve been tinkering and trying to make a good overall smoothie. I’m trying to make this my main source of food for now on. Everything else will be lighter snacks, to make sure I don’t feel hungry.

*** *

Makes 2-3 Servings (store some in mason jars with lids for later. 2 days max)

1-3 frozen bananas

4oz frozen berries (your choice)/I pick a mix of blueberries and raspberries.

4oz Misc Fruit (frozen or fresh, I chose frozen peaches)

4oz of walnuts (shelled) and cashews (shelled)

Small handful of baby carrots/chopped carrots.

Medium handful of mixed greens, collard, spinach, etc…

2-3 stalks of celery, broken and washed.

2 cups of clean/fresh water

Gather all of the ingredients, fill the container with the water first (you can use any liquid, but water works perfectly). Then add the hard stuff, the frozen fruit, the carrots and celery and nuts, Blend on HIGH for 20-30 seconds, until it starts to get smooth. Then add the rest, the bananas, and greens. Pack em in, they break down really easy.

Blend the rest on HIGH for another minute or two. Using frozen ingredients, gives the smoothie a milkshake mouth feel. Along with the fat from the nuts, it feels like you’re drinking soft serve icecream. But you know, healthy and packed with vitamins, fiber and all of the good stuff you need.  And that can’t be bad, can it?



Be sure to follow this blog, it’ll look great on your dashboard

Thank you! I love rain, sun and wind. Very calming. :)


Be sure to follow this blog, it’ll look great on your dashboard

Thank you! I love rain, sun and wind. Very calming. :)

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Detox Juice Recipe 01

Detox Juice
(Rating: Easy)

•1 whole cucumber (medium length or larger if you want)

•2-3 stalks of Celery

•8oz (250 ml) mixed Herbs/Greens (your choice)

•Arugula (optional)

•1 Apple, cored and seeded.

Thoroughly wash and damp dry all ingredients. Juice in a standard juicer. Serve in a glass container.

If you want to blend add water or tea to make it less thick.
Serve in a glass container.

Note: this is not a “green” drink in my opinion, this is more of a soothing ‘cleanse’. Make a green drink for more of a super boost/meal.

Use as a daily drink or a once in a while cleanse. You will be peeing a lot, so drink when you can. It will clean you out.


Sleep study one

Sleep study one

I meant to say: Using MORE liquid, not USING more powder. I’m a dolt sometimes.

My pomegranate juice. Please note the calories I speak of maybe different by brand or maker. So don’t take it as gospel, just as a handy fun drink.

Raw/vegan munchies at the picnic

Raw/vegan munchies at the picnic

Healthy. Food.

Healthy. Food.

Picture yourself at a party, maybe an office party or a friends house. Its pretty late in the evening and its started to lighten up. People are leaving, saying their thanks and its you and your friend. She/he asks you if you want to help them clean up, you shrug your shoulder and say “Yeah”. Doing chores at other peoples houses is different then doing chores at your place. You might let your sink pile up with dishes, or leaving a stain in a rug.

Health is the same way, I’ve noticed. Its easier, when caught up in the moment, to say “YEAH! I can do this! I’m going to be a raw expert, watch out world!”. Going to VegFest in Michigan, I felt like the healthiest person ever. Tasting different raw foods from restaurants around the state. Enjoying the new tastes and textures. Going to Health food movie screenings, sampling what the sponsors gave each person in a little gift bag. “I Can do this! Its easy!” was my motto.

But then when I get home, everything settles into place. I start to cheat, I start to use the famous phrase for everyone, everywhere; “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Sooner then later I’ll start feeling like I usually do, tired, in pain. So I think of food as fun, not food. The taste of a pizza or something from taco bell became a reward.

Not a source of nutrition. I didn’t think of it as something to help my body, to help it grow and fight off disease and other ailments. Was/Am I addicted to food? I don’t know, I dont eat when I’m bored or sad (I’ll be even bigger!). But I suppose if you have to ask, you kind of already know the answer.

So what, exactly, is health food? I read books, magazines and blog posts and see cookies and cakes. But they are vegan, so it should good for you; right? Not always, its really easy to pack on the excess pounds as a vegan. Just as easy if you ate “normal” food. Raw food has its fancy foods as well. Humans throughout history ALWAYS want tasty food. We want rare ingrediants, we want expensive tools for it. We want, we want. But in this high of spending and playing with new things. We never really ask, what does my body need?

I like the phrase “Moment on the lips, life time on the hips.” But its not always physical. Can your mind and soul get fat? It can get just as unhealthy as everything else. So why not?
So in this journey I’ve found the hardest part isnt finding the right foods, or buying them or anything like that. Its making food, well, FOOD again. Not a reward, not for fun. But for your body and hopefully it’ll fulfill the mind as well.

Eating near you

i woke up pretty good :)

Going to the famers market in Plymouth to enhance my hipster/douche status :P

Kind of funny that we think its hipstery or douchey, when farmers markets are hundreds if not thousands of years older then Sams Club or Walmart. I want to shop more and more local, theres a bunch of farms around me (living in the boonies and all), that it makes a lot more sense.

Dunno just some thoughts.